REGI is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

REGI is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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Rosholt Library at 2PM
Plover library at 4:15PM

Programs at 11AM & 1PM

Join us for some summer fun at the Raptor Education Group!

REGI Summer Tours

Look a bird of prey in the eye! Discover the unique adaptations and powerful beauty of raptors with us this summer through our summer tours.

Please click HERE to register for your summer tour. Tours are limited to 25, and last one hour. Please sign-up for only ONE tour. If the link is unavailable, the tour is filled.

Tours cost $8 per person, $5 for children 12 & under. You will pay when you check-in at the time of the tour at REGI's Welcome & Nature Center. Dogs are not allowed on the REGI property.

For cancellations or changes, please call REGI at 715-623-2563. You cannot change a tour from this calendar once a registration has been made. 


Soar into Spring - REGI’s First Annual Baby Shower!

The staff here at REGI has so much to be grateful for after our Soar into Spring event this past weekend! We had an amazing time meeting and engaging with everyone who attended. Every time we hold an event, we are completely blown away by the amount of support we have from all of you. You are the reason we continue to enjoy our line of work so much.

This event helped REGI raise roughly $1200 to help those baby birds that find their way into our clinic once Spring decides to come.

This event wouldn't have been possibly without the amazing local businesses and their donations:
Antigo Complete Dental
Brickners of Antigo
Denny Stenstrom
Karen Wilton
Quinlan's Equipment
Super 8 Antigo
Wild Birds Unlimited
Yach’s Body & Custom, Inc.
Zelazoski Wood Products

Thank you to the Antigo Veterinary Clinic for co-teaming with us once again to bring the community together as well as closing down your clinic for a few hours to place your wonderful staff throughout our event tables.

Thank you to NorthStar Lanes for allowing us to hold our event at your facility. It really was the perfect room to bring everyone together.

Thank you to Kristin Widmar, Sarah Storandt, Kevin Grenzer, and Christi Powell for volunteering your Saturday with us. We are truly blessed to have such amazing and dedicated volunteers like you.

Thank you again to everyone who attended Soar into Spring. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed hosting this event. See you next Spring! Tentative date: March 7, 2020.

2nd Annual Hawk Tales & Cocktails A SUCCESS!

Once again we, as REGI staff, were blown away by the amount of support you all showed us as we were able to raise over $10,000.00 at our 2nd Annual Hawk Tales and Cocktails. We enjoyed a night of great food, music, silent auctions, raffles, friends, family, and endless laughs. Your support continues to amaze us everyday.

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What's Happening?

Storm Damage and Baby Birds

We had very strong winds last night that interrupted our power and blew down trees including our favorite pear tree that was planted by my late parents.

Seven Week Old Bald Eaglet Admitted

A seven week old Bald Eaglet was just admitted from Sauk City, WI.

A Loon Hooked and Survived!

We admitted a loon from NW WI found by Randy Olsen under his dock.

Lots of New Admits!

Our REGI world has been punctuated by some of the most beautiful birds and lots of babies.

Patient News

Our loon patient has been released!

Our loon patient admitted on May 31th has been released! In this video she eats her last meal in captivity before release!

Our Young Trumpeter Swan Has Died

We have sad news this week. Our handsome young male Trumpeter Swan with very high levels of lead poisoning and 39 lead pellets in his digestive system, has died.