REGI is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

REGI is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Second Chances

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REGI’s First Annual Baby Shower!

Please join us as we prepare for the arrival of baby birds being hatched this spring!

Tour Schedule

Raptor Education Group Inc offers public tours throughout the year and an opportunity to learn about the incredible world of raptors in an up close, and interactive environment.  Check out our Tour Schedule for additional details.

Soar into Spring - REGI’s First Annual Baby Shower!

FINAL - Soar into Spring Flyer 2019_01.jpg

Please join us as we prepare for the arrival of baby birds being hatched this spring!

Cost: $10/per person (Snacks will be provided)

Activities include:

LIVE Raptors
Silent Auction
Face Painting

Tickets can be purchased from the Antigo Veterinary Clinic or on-line (click link)

2nd Annual Hawk Tales & Cocktails A SUCCESS!

Once again we, as REGI staff, were blown away by the amount of support you all showed us as we were able to raise over $10,000.00 at our 2nd Annual Hawk Tales and Cocktails. We enjoyed a night of great food, music, silent auctions, raffles, friends, family, and endless laughs. Your support continues to amaze us everyday.

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What's Happening?

Mallard Hen Admitted

On January 30th we admitted a sweet little mallard hen from Shawano. She was found tonight frozen to the ground by of the Shawano library.

Frigid Temperatures!

We are experiencing a polar vortex here in Central WI. That means we are getting frigid temperatures, with strong winds predicted to reach -50 to -65 degrees F. 

Coddington - The Snowy Owl

On Saturday 1-19-19 we admitted Coddington, a Snowy Owl that came with a bit of celebrity. He had been tagged with a GPS tracker,in Central WI.

Eagle Days

hank you to channel 27 Madison for covering the beautiful release of our now former patient and to all our great supporters for braving the weather advisories.

Patient News

Fern Update (Rescued Canada Goose)

X-rays were done on Fern, the Canada Goose today, as well as blood work including a blood lead. 
The X-ray revealed Fern suffered a broken wing when she was shot. She was shot with lead shot. F

Preparing for 1-19-2019 Eagle Release

Bald Eagle Watching Days...1-19-19 in Prairie du Sac VFW Park at 1 p.m. We will release only one eagle during the event. Other releases will be postponed until the weather stabilizes.