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This is a sample page template that should be duplicated as a starting point for any new text-based page.  Creating new pages in this manner will ensure consistency across the site.   To duplicate, right-click on the "New Page Template (Copy This)" page under "Site Design" in the navigation pane and select the option to "Duplicate Page".

Once duplicated, be sure to complete the following steps to finish your new page:

It's a good idea to caption your photos.

It's a good idea to caption your photos.

  • Click the "Settings" button and complete/revise the form values.  The "Description" is critical for search engines so provide a brief summary of the page contents.
  • Revise the <Page Title> to match the text used in the link used to navigate to the page. Be sure the title retains the "Heading 1" style.
  • Replace the header image with something appropriate to the content on your page.  The image should conform to the standards outlined below:
    • Measures 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall at 72dpi
    • Should include the REGI Logo, Clinic/Education Phone numbers and PO Box address and email in the same position as shown in the sample above.
    • If applicable, the context sensitive text between the REGI logo and the clinic phone number should be formatted as: font style = Kartika, 32pt, VA -25, Color #7c7c7c, Drop Shadow w/ Blend Mode Multiply, Opacity 22%, Angle 41 degrees Use Global Light, Distance 3px, Spread 0, Size 3px.  
    • Ideally the bottom layer of your image is solid white.  Use a layer reveal mask to make a gradual transition from the white background into your photo subject.
    • Use Color Effex Pro to apply an image border with the following settings: Type 11, Size -80%, Spread 0%, Clean slider just left of center
    • For REGI staff, simply contact Ken or Lisadawn with your photo needs and they will produce the image on your behalf.  We're also happy to instruct you on creation if interested.
  • Any images other than the page header should have the "Grit" border style applied to confirm to the site style.

Another Section

  • Replace the text content.  Use the "Heading 2" style to differentiate sections within your page.  Left-align section titles.
  • Use photos or drawings to help illustrate your message.  Experiment with the size and position of the images to help communicate your message. Consider using photo captions.  If using material from outside sources, be sure to cite your source within the caption and provide photo credit if warranted.
  • If your page is discussing a topic that is frequently discussed in REGI blog posts, consider using a Summary Block as shown below filtered to a "tag" that is consistently used in those posts.  Ideally you'd limit the number of posts shown to 3 or 4 and only show the title in the summary block.  This allows the visitor quick and easy access to recent content on the same subject matter. It's a good idea to make sure there's an existing post using the filter tag BEFORE instituting a filtered Summary Block. Otherwise, the visitor will see an ugly box informing them there is no information.
  • Display the "Social Links" Block between the main content of your page and the "Related Content" if used. Round, Medium, Centered.  This makes it easy for readers to share when they've completed reading to help drive more traffic.

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