Classroom Visit

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Raptors in Your Classroom!

There is nothing quite the same as seeing a raptor close up.  Your class will be able to look into the huge eyes of an owl, see the curve of a hawk’s beak, the shape of a falcon’s wing and the unique cryptic coloration of the feathers that make raptors some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet.  Programs can be developed to fit any curriculum for specific grades or needs or you can chose one of the programs listed below.

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Winged Wonders

Have you ever met an owl face to face? What about a hawk? A falcon? Meet some of Wisconsin's common, but rarely encountered birds. Discover what a raptor is, hear their stories and learn what you can do to ensure they remain a significant part of the ecosystem. All ages.

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Night Moves

Owls are regal raptors of the night sky. On silent wings, they stalk their prey. Discover features unique to these mighty birds we so seldom see. 1st grade and up.

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Wonderful World of Turkey Vultures

A turkey vulture, a garbage can, the sun, a bathtub, and a balloon. What do all of these items have to do with each other? Find out when you discover the wonderful world of turkey vultures. 3rd grade and up.

Programs are 1 hour with a maximum of 50 attendees. Our feathered co-workers accompany us to all of our programs.
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