Adult Male Bald Eagle Hit By A Car

Adult male Bald Eagle hit by a car in Lincoln County, WI. Our thanks to the Lincoln County Sheriffs Dept., and Deputy Holly Steckbauer, for standing by until we could arrive to rescue him.

Thanks also to the kind neighbor that arrived to help us pull the deer carcass off the road and into a clearing to prevent another tragedy occurring to this local eagle family.

Eagles are big birds! They cannot take flight quickly. If you see them in the side of the road eating on a deer carcass, slow down. The chances of them flushing due to your car approaching is nearly 100%. They can not avoid your vehicle. The chances of them being hit is great.

Two young eagles were with the pair of adults having breakfast on this carcass. Now...they only have one parent to look after them and get them through the winter.

Please pull carcasses off the roadway if you see one on the roadside. And...slow down when you see wildlife. It is something everyone can do to help protect the wild ones. Thanks