Lots of Releases Happening!

Lots of releases this week including 7 Northern Flickers that arrived in early June as tiny babies after a tree that was their home was chopped down.
The great news is we admitted 7 babies Northern Flickers nestlings and we released 7 fully grown flickers. It has been a challenge rearing the little ones. They need very specialized housing while in captivity that includes vertical logs to protect those all important stiff tail feathers that allow them to climb. Our summer interns will be smiling as they read this news. The Northern Flickers were some of our first babies this summer and were among some of the favorites due to their active and sweet personalizes and LOUD food demands! Flickers eat insects. These little ones seriously ate pounds and pounds of live insects. What a great job they do for the environment!
We are forever grateful to JaDa Baits in Antigo, for sharing their castoff waxworms to feed our insect eating patients. To be honest without them we would not be able to raise the numbers of passerines ( songbirds) that we do. Color us grateful.
Please enjoy the photos from the day they were admitted until release.