Our loon patient has been released!

Our loon patient admitted on May 31th has been released! In this video she eats her last meal in captivity before release!
She was color banded under the direction of Loon Researcher, Dr. Walter Piper. She will be followed by Loon Project field assistants as she continues to recover from the tissue inflammation caused by the treble hooks. She did not have any fractures and has recovered her body weight.
She was released in a neutral territory and has the freedom to return to her own territory if she chooses. By that point in time she will be flying well and fully recovered. We wish this sweet female loon well. We hope her future is filled with many chicks and the people she encounters only people with gentle hearts.
Our thanks to Linda and Kevin Grenzer, Loon Project field assistants, Elaina Lomery and Tarryn Hanson, as well as our own staff and interns for their role with this complicated loon case and so many others.