Lots of New Admits!

Our REGI world has been punctuated by some of the most beautiful birds and lots of babies. Nine baby American robins that arrived at REGI as tiny thumb size infants, are now full size and beginning to hone their worm hunting skills. More tiny baby robins have replace those that are now feathered, as well as several other baby passerine species as well as Wood and Mallard ducklings, injured Canada Goose goslings. Everyone is doing well. Our goslings each had serious injuries to overcome, each with their own story, but are now a blended family with our foster mom and dad Canada Geese. It is beautiful to see the adults take over youngsters that are not their own without so much as an afterthought.

A sweet baby cardinal had a accident and found himself in a window well. He was too little to be out of his nest. His parents tried to keep up with feeding and keeping him warm, but after some very cold overnights, they were unable to keep up the pace of caring for him and his siblings that were still in the nest. The kind homeowner rescued him and brought him to REGI for care. He is now doing well and gaining weight.

Scarlet tanagers are stunning in appearance! Males are particularly beautiful with their brilliant red body feathers and black wings. Our patient hit a window very hard. We are very happy to say that after just over a week in care, he was able to go back home to his waiting mate! Thank you Dawn Stein for transporting this little jewel.

A Turkey Vulture found himself in the horrible situation of being stuck in a barbwire fence. A caring gentleman stopped and removed him from the fence and brought him to REGI for care.

Two female Common Nighthawks were admitted on the same day this week. One from Antigo and one from Stevens Point. Females are vulnerable as they tend to nest either on the ground or on flat roofed buildings. This species is amazing as they eat only insects and feed only on the wing. They eat thousands of mosquitoes a night. Thanks to Jean D. for transporting.

Cindy Scherwinski witnessed a hummingbird disagreement last evening and this morning found a little female lying on her porch. She scooped her up and got her to the REGI clinic ASAP. The little one has some bent up primary feathers and a neck injury. We hope for a full recovery. Thank so much Cindy for caring about her.

We have admitted 3 Bald Eagles in recent days as well as female loon, osprey and so many other patients. We will catch up on their stories soon.

The clinic is a very busy place these days. We are so grateful to have our seven amazing interns, Dr Laura Sanchez, and our own great staff and volunteers to shoulder the load. Last night the interns celebrated their accomplishments of recent days with a bonfire! Dr Laura got to try her first "smore" ever. The work is never easy, but have having such great people around us make it so much better.

The new clinic is almost ready! Our x-ray was installed on Monday! We are thrilled and cannot wait to move into the larger space. A few peeks at the new clinic are posted below!!! Can you feel our excitement? Stay tuned!