Our 2019 summer interns have arrived! 

We are delighted to have seven, amazing college students learning and working with us this summer, as well as veterinarian Dr, Laura Sanchez, from Bogata, Columbia, returning this year after completing her studies as National University of Columbia.

Our summer interns are:
Chris Paviakovich, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA., Bailee Ridenbaugh, Malone University, Orrville, Ohio, 
Brad Baum, University of WI- Stevens Point, WI
Brenna DeNamur, University of WI-Madison, WI
Ashley Damhoff, University of WI-Stevens Point, WI
Magdalena Downing, University of Dayton, Dayton,Ohio,
Brittny Dole, University of WI- Stevens Point, WI

The arrival of our interns signal to us the beginning of summer season complete with lots of baby birds as well as hundreds of other cases. We are excited to get to work! Bring it on world, we are ready! Our new clinic is nearly completion as well.

The first patients admitted for the interns were two very small Great-horned Owls. These little ones at only about 10 days old are very late hatches for this species. We suspect the strange and very cold winter had something to do with their late arrival. Thanks to Lynn Louze, for alerting us after finding the chicks huddled on the ground following a severe rain storm. We are grateful she was able to remain with the chicks until Steve could arrive, despite work commitments. Thanks to Steve Fisher for rescuing these little tykes and getting them to REGI. Both were lethargic and likely had been on the ground for awhile with the nest was destroyed by strong winds. We are stabilized the pair and hoping to install a nest box to the nest tree if possible. Meanwhile, they have met our foster dad Great-horned Owl and their foster siblings so they will not grow up imprinted to humans.

Our baby robins admitted last week are growing fast and have been joined by 3 more young robins to round out their little family.