Our Young Trumpeter Swan Has Died

We have sad news this week. Our handsome young male Trumpeter Swan with very high levels of lead poisoning and 39 lead pellets in his digestive system, has died. He died due to human ignorance.
He is yet another victim of lead poisoning and the human ignorance and political driven misinformation that goes along with it.

We are sickened by his passing. He was one that should have survived and passed his strong genetics on to his youngsters. Those youngsters would have been part of the re-population of Trumpeter Swans in the Mid-west. That opportunity is no longer possible.

There is an oft repeated phrase "Let nature take care of itself." We have all heard the phrase and have spoken it myself in many appropriate situations. It is however increasingly used inaccurately. Nature are things that happen in nature. They include nest failure due to weather, territorial disputes when one adult is displaced by another and all things that would occur without a human element of cause. Nature has nothing to do with birds that are hit by vehicles or die through poisonings including rodent poisonings, pesticides and herbicides. Nature has nothing to do with trees cut down by homeowners that result in baby wildlife falling to their death or displaced before they can survive. Nature has nothing to do with a bird that is caught by a cat or domestic dog. Nature has nothing to do with lead poisoning caused by lead ammunition or fishing sinkers and jigs, when superior nontoxic ammunition and lead alternative fishing sinkers exist. That is death by ignorance and, we need to start referring to it as such.

I appreciate the kind words and sweet thoughts of the wonderful followers of our Facebook. So many people were pulling for our patient #120-19 TRSW. We know it is an emotionally charged case for you as is was for us. All our patients are special. The ones that suffer human afflictions are however the hardest. We work hard to try to right a wrong that is done to them, through no fault of their own.

We will undoubtedly receive threats and nasty comments from those the benefit from the "created" political side of the issue of lead poisoning. We always do. A strong lobby has made lead poisoning an anti-gun issue, which is 100% wrong, but it serves their purpose and takes advantage of good but gullible people. They take advantage of sportsmen, hunters and fishermen, good and honest people, by using camaraderie rather than facts. It is the sad.

Lead poisoning is real. Lead poisoning kills and caused permanent brain damage, low I.Q. and aggression in children. Still we continue to hit the panic button when a tiny trace amount of lead is found in the paint on important toys or pencils but totally ignore the lead fragments, in hung levels in the food supply of those that are harvest wild game for their family. It makes no sense, but things need to change. Common sense needs to have a place in this discussion.

We lost the battle of the life of our sweet swan but let’s keep him in mind as we continue to educate for lead alternative ammunition and fishing gear. It is people that will make the difference. Keep in mind this is not an anti-hunting platform but instead a change to non-toxic ammunition and fishing products.

Educate yourself and others: