It has been super busy here admitting new patients, releasing patients that have recovered, doing a series of programs for the Learning in Retirement Classes at Nicolet College, continuing winter clean-up and preparing for our seven summer interns that will arrive on May 20th!

We sure could use some volunteers if anyone has a little time to help us out! (715-623-4015 Greg)

Our young owls now number four. Two are Great-horned and two are Barred Owls. Both species have foster parents raising them. The Barred owlets lost their home when their tree was cut down. The two owlets were the only survivors of the incident. Usually Barred Owls have more than 2 chicks. The young Great-horned owlet suffered internal injuries when it fell from its nest. Thank you to Sandy Knutson for transporting the little ones to us from the Wisconsin Rapids area. We appreciate your help.

We've admitted two female Ruffed Grouse. Both were hit by vehicles, one near WI Rapids and one in Aniwa, the female from WI Rapids has internal injuries. The little lady from Anisa had a ruptured air sac on her right side. She will be in rehab for a while, but the good news is we think we have a lead on where her eggs are...not yet incubated. She laid an egg soon after she arrived at REGI. We hope to reunite her with her eggs and allow her to incubate them while she recovers. She can take them with her when she leaves REGI.

Dwaine Packard and his family found an injured Rose-breasted Grosbeak on a road near White Lake, WI. The young male had been hit by a car. As if that wasn't bad enough an outdoor cat took advantage of his situation and further injured him. He is recovering but will remain with us for a few months until he molts new tail feathers. Another young male Rose-breasted Grosbeak hit a window. He is recovering well. Thanks, Dwaine, for picking up the bird and bringing him to us.

An adult male Red-tailed Hawk was hit by a vehicle. He has internal bleeding but is recovering.

A beautiful Brown Thrasher was hit by a car in Deerbrook. She was captured by Becky Gleich, Rachel Schroeder and her family and then transported to us last night. Thanks so much, she has a great chance at a full recovery.

Daphne O'Keefe found a newly hatched American Robin on the sidewalk. There are times when a squirrel or cowbird removes newly hatched young from a nest, which is likely what happened in this case. The little one is growing and doing well.

Several weeks ago, Wendy Blech found an injured and starving Saw-whet Owl in Monico. This was the time when we had an unusual snowfall with an ice storm in-between. Many owls of all species did not survive this weather incident as they were unable to access mice under the ice/snow layers. This Saw-whet was one of the lucky ones because he was found and brought in for care. A few days ago, Wendy was able to come and get the little one, now plump and ready to be wild again.

REGI Volunteer, Kathy Esqueda transports many birds to REGI from all over Central WI. We appreciate her so much. Last night she was able to release a Screech Owl back into the wild near Custer, WI. I hope seeing this one goes back was as exciting for her as it was for the owl. :)

Ken and LIsa Kraukramer were able to capture a Sandhill Crane that was had a leg injury in Shawano. We sure appreciate their help with wish difficult case.

Our new clinic is behind schedule, but we hope will be ready to go by the time the interns arrive! We are so excited!

Have a super day everyone. The sun is finally shining in WI and we are delighted with that.