New Admissions - Eagle, Swan, Hawks and Owls!

It has been several days of critical cases being admitted. Coming on top of the starvation situation due to the spring/winter snow storm, we are hoping for a few calm days ahead soon to allow us to catch our breath.

We admitted an adult male Bald Eagle with lead poisoning and a wing fracture from Wood County. State of WI DNR Warden Erika Taylor and her crew did a fantastic job of rescuing the eagle and getting it into a box for transport to REGI. REGI volunteer Mark O'Shasky transported him to REGI.

Yesterday David Edlund noticed a young Trumpeter Swan with a wing injury. He called the DNR Tip line for help. Soon Warden Pat Novesky, was on the way to the location, as well as our volunteer rescue team Kevin and Linda Grenzer. The swan was rushed to REGI with a serious wing injury and lead poisoning. She had emergency surgery soon after she arrived at REGI and is now recovering. She is also being treated for lead poisoning.

A Rough-legged Hawk, an arctic species, was found along a road side in Central WI unable to fly. She was very thin. X-rays revealed she had been shot and had lead poisoning. This is a law enforcement case and we cannot comment on it further. However, if you know of someone that shoots hawks, eagles or other native birds PLEASE call the DNR Tip Line at 1-800-847-9367. You can remain anonymous. We are grateful to the folks that found her and called for help.

We admitted an adult Saw-whet owl that was found not moving during severe weather in Stevens Point. Thanks to the great folks that found and rescued him from certain death and Brad Zinda, for responding that night to keep him safe overnight and transport in the morning. He is recovering.

We admitted an adult Red-tailed Hawk and a Short- eared Owl during the severe weather. The Red-tailed Hawk was in respiratory distress, pneumonia. She is recovering as well and doing well. Thanks to the folks that found her and got her help. The Short-eared Owl was hit by a car and sustained internal injuries. He is not yet eating on his own but improving.

Our patients from the snow storm and horrid "spring" weather are improving and on the road to recovery. They are all eating on their own now so are less labor intensive than when earlier in their starvation condition. It is great to see then downing food with great excitement now and gaining strength. Thank you again to everyone that helped in so many ways. You are all wildlife heroes.

Wishing our friends and supporters a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter. I hope everyone can celebrate this special time with friends and family that make holidays so special