Mallard Hen Admitted

On January 30th we admitted a sweet little mallard hen from Shawano. She was found tonight frozen to the ground by of the Shawano library. Amber Adamski found the duck and with her own hands warmed her feet to free her from the ice. Amber then transported her to REGI. Some people are just plain wonderful! Thank you Amber. 
The mallard seems to be tame and maybe a pet that was unfortunately released. Imprinted ducks, geese or any bird, typically do not integrate into the wild if raised by humans. She is emaciated, being tube fed and is recovering this evening in a heated enclosure. 
Thank you everyone for looking after wildlife during our record breaking Polar Vortex event. We have a few more days of wind chills in the -45 F range. Please keep those feeders full and your self safe as well.


Story update!

The female mallard admitted 2 nights ago is doing great. She is flying, walking and starting to eat on her own. She is severely emaciated. It will take some time for her to regain weight and muscle, but things look good. Thank you Mandi Adamski.