Black-capped Chickadee Released!

This video is of a Black-capped Chickadee admitted from Wausau the last day of December. He hit a window and had a serious concussion. By the end of January, he was ready to go, but that is when our weather went all, "Polar Vortex" on us. Release is the last stage of rehabilitation. Releasing recovered patients into inclement weather is not a good idea, so we kept him on as our guest until our extreme weather was over and ordinary winter returned.
Black-capped Chickadees are fascinating tiny birds well suited to winter.
Enjoy the short video of Mr. Chickadee taking his leave of REGI. Listen for his excited chirp as he bolts into the wild world. I like to think he was saying thank you.

Thanks and gratitude to our small staff, Greg Russ, Ashley Nilsson, and Katie Needles in this video, for their tireless work over these past weeks in horrific cold and deep snow to keep our patients healthy, well fed and clean. vehicles shoveled out, enclosures dug out and roofs "de-snowed". We are all plenty tired. Spring will feel nice.