2 Downy Woodpeckers Released!

Another short video of the release of 2 Downy Woodpeckers. So good to see them free again. We have feeders set up in the release area so they are supported if they want or need it.

Once again, thank you to our stellar staff this week that resorted to ride sharing to make it into work, when their vehicles were stuck or unable to start. They even had plans to spend the night at REGI to assure our patients were well cared for. Dedication in action! Thank Ashley Nilsson, Katie Needles, Greg Russ and Katie Ibsen.

Our snowblower is broken! We have LOTS of snow to move within the next few days. We sure could use extra hands to shovel, keep gates and paths open around outdoor enclosures, and remove snow where needed. We would really appreciate your help! Call 715-623-4015, or grab your shovel or snowblower and just show up! You will be appreciated!