Frigid Temperatures!

We are experiencing a polar vortex here in Central WI. That means we are getting frigid temperatures, with strong winds predicted to reach -50 to -65 degrees F. 

Please keep you bird feeders full, and wild bird seed out for wild turkeys. DO not feed whole kernel corn to deer or turkeys as it can be deadly to them during winter months when their metabolism is lower. 
Niger or thistle seed gets wet and spoils within a day after it is wet. Use a tube bird feeder specially designed to keep thistle seed dry. 

Suet is important to woodpeckers, nuthatches as well as a number of species including chickadees and cardinals. If you can bring the suet blocks in during the night to thaw and put out again in early morning. 
Wild birds can withstand cold temperatures by sheltering in place. Do not disturb birds in trees or if they are not at your feeder, as they may be using this, low energy method to survive. 
Be aware of individual birds that are huddled or on the ground. They may be in trouble and need assistance. If you can approach or capture a wild bird, that is not normal. Bring it into warm, safe and secure place and call REGI at 715-623-4015 your local avian wildlife rehabilitator for assistance.