Preparing for 1-19-2019 Eagle Release

Bald Eagle Watching Days...1-19-19 in Prairie du Sac VFW Park at 1 p.m. We will release only one eagle during the event. Other releases will be postponed until the weather stabilizes.

It seems the storm has passed. We will be on our way soon allowing extra time to allow for snow conditions. We will of course evaluate the weather conditions once we are on the site. The thing about January in WI, is winter storms happen and we need to make the best choices for our patients. This is an adult Bald Eagle that is experienced with cold temperatures and knows how to navigate in storms. The wind is the wild card here. If there is danger to the eagle, you will still be able to see her, but we would not release it. We will not release the juvenile eagles at this time in consideration of the current weather pattern. We will keep people informed on their release date of the juveniles,