Fern Update (Rescued Canada Goose)

Update on the Fern Island Park, Rescued Goose!

X-rays were done on Fern, the Canada Goose today, as well as blood work including a blood lead. 
The X-ray revealed Fern suffered a broken wing when she was shot. She was shot with lead shot. Four lead pellets and an oddly shaped lead projectile remain in her body. While Canada Geese can be hunted, it is illegal to use lead ammunition when hunting waterfowl. She was therefore shot illegally.
Fern has an elevated blood lead. Because the lead pellets and additional projectile have encapsulated in her soft tissue, the blood lead is treatable. We have started treatment with Ca EDTA injections. 
Our little goose is now housed with a small group of canada geese, all rehabilitation patients. Fern is a survivor. She lived for four months alone, left by her flock, injured with a broken wing, carrying lead pellets in her body, and avoiding predators. It therefore comes as no surprise that she has a strong personality and is a force to be reckoned with. It took Fern all of about five minutes after being introduced to the group of geese, to take over the lead position in their hierarchy. In addition Frenchie, our foster dad goose that has been pining away for that his mate lost 2 yrs ago, may be showing some interest in life again. Stay tuned for Ferns story as it unfolds. Fern is not releasable to the wild, as her wing is not repairable. She will remain with us at REGI.

Once again our thanks to the many great folks of Wausau that cared about and for Fern when she was at the Fern Island Park doing her best to survive. Thanks to the Wausau Fire Department for their support and our fantastic volunteers Kevin and Linda Grenzer that spend days trying to capture this elusive goose before they were successful.