Emaciated Eagle Admitted

Just before the severe storm last night, we went on an eagle rescue. The immature eagle was first on a road in Polar, WI, then moved to an adjoining field. Leon Benes located the eagle then called REGI to report the situation. He was able to stay with the eagle until we arrived. The eagle was on a piece of farm machinery when we arrived. I thought I might be able to grab her from the equipment, but she took flight, albeit weakly. We captured her quickly, due to her degree of emaciation. She is in fact so weak she is unable to make vocalizations. Once back at the REGI clinic we went to work quickly. She weighs only 5.2 lbs., and this is a female that would normally weight 11-14 lbs. We did blood work on her as soon as she was admitted. She does not have lead poisoning. That is great news, however she is very anemic. We do not yet know the reason for her anemia. We are tubed feeding her and working hard to save her. She looks a bit better tonight and we are hopeful.
We released 26 passerine birds into the soft hack area for release. The species included Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, American Robins, Blue Jay, Mourning doves, American Goldfinches and Cedar Waxwings. So nice to see our little babies now grown and ready to find their own way in life as wild birds. 
Jennifer Denzine and her family of Rothschild brought in a young American Robin. The young robin is a victim of pesticide poisoning. We are grateful that he is recovering currently. We are seeing many more poisonings of insect eating birds from the Wausau area this year. It appears more citizens are using pest control on their lawns, perhaps without realizing they are poisoning the birds that inhabit their area. 
Gary Hellrood and his family found a Nighthawk in Kronenwetter and brought her in the evening. She has wing injury. Thank you to the great folks that help by transporting birds when they find them after hours. 
Joan Arnold captured and transported a beautiful young male Red-tailed Hawk tonight. It was found in Adams County and was likely hit by a vehicle. Thanks, the Adams County Sheriffs County for alerting REGI and standing by while our transporter was on her way.

Many more patients to talk about including two more bald eagle admissions and some other challenging cases.