RELEASE DAYS FOR Forty-Six (46) REGI Patients!

Yesterday was release day for 21 former patients including including Wood ducks, Mallards and a Hooded Merganser at REGI. Also released were 2 Little Green Herons and 23 American Robins were released to a soft hack. (Soft hack means they are supplied food and shelter as they integrate into the wild.) It was fantastic to see patients that arrived at REGI as tiny babies sometimes just as orphans and sometimes suffering injuries take their rightful place in the wild world again. 
Thanks to State of WI DNR Warden Ben Mott for helping us locate a safe release site for the ducks and herons and their release. Thanks also to Warden Kyle Ziembo for assisting with the releases. 
Enjoy photos of the little ones when they arrived at REGI, during their rehabilitation and under the watchful eyes of their foster parents. Our thanks to everyone that helped in any way, in the rescues, transport and care. 
We know their first day in the wild was filled with wonder and excitement!