Full Demolition Mode!

We have been in full demolition mode here at REGI this week. I cannot thank Kevin and Linda Grenzer enough for heading up this difficult project. 
It has been a labor intensive week, and the weather has been unseasonably hot, but by the end of today the site will be clear and ready for the new clinic!!!! Building will start in a few weeks. 
Removing the old passerine building and aviaries was bittersweet. I tend to be a nostalgic beast. As we worked, memories flooded back of the several hundred passerines that have inhabited those aviaries over the past 25 years as they healed, learned survival skills and conditioned themselves for life in the wild. It was past time for new construction as the aviaries and the shed were in constant need of repair. Then, there was that nasty little problem of falling through the decayed floor of the building more than once. It is said that I never forget a patient and as unlikely as it sounds, it is true. Many little ones got their start with us at REGI in those aviaries and swans and cranes in the surrounding fenced area. We will not forget them nor the building, initially funded by the fantastic Antigo Rotary Club, that made it possible. It is time to make way for a new clinic that will allow us even more capability to work with patients and teach students! The aviaries will also be replaced in the spring. All of the fencing, netting and much of the usable material from the building has been saved for the future. 
On ward and upward! Life at REGI for our patients,staff and students is only going to get better. And...WE WILL HAVE A BATHROOM IN THE NEW CLINIC THAT WE CAN USE!!! For the past several years, the bathroom in the current clinic has been taken over by patients and therefore is only used by the most hardy of staff members in the most urgent situations. 
Thank you to our amazing volunteers Kevin and Linda Grenzer, Margaret Getzin, Kimbery Sundin-Burdge, Sam Lau, Hunter Petroskey, Terri Johnson.
We appreciate each and everyone of you! I apologize in advance if I have inadvertently missed someone.