Loons Released!

Two Adult Female Common Loons Released, After Successful Rehabilitation at Raptor Education Group, Inc.

Both of our adult loon patients were released yesterday. Both were admitted on successive days and both suffered from ematiation. We are not certain for the cause of their ematiated state, as most lakes and ponds have abundant fish during this time frame. Unfortunately, I accidentally erased the best video, but wanted to show you one of these two loons that were so ready to go after being in rehabiliation three weeks each, and take their second chance at life. It was pure joy to watch them preen, play, call and fish following their release. 
Release is the last stage of rehabilitation and in many ways one of the most important. We consulted loon biologists and researchers for input on the best possible release site considering the pre-migration time period. Each part of a birds life, nesting, breeding, and migration is important and represents a different time period in the birds life. The specides behavior varies as well.
We had a long drive to place these lady loons, but it was worth every second as we watched them swim in the perfect habitat and gobble down the abundant fish waiting for them.