Eagles and More!

It has been a busy time at Raptor Education Group! Several Bald Eagles were admitted during the past few days, including one tonight. Also admitted were an Osprey, Catbird, Flicker and Cedar Waxwings among others. 
More releases will occur this weekend! Starting tomorrow both female loons, admitted three weeks ago, will be released. Think of them taking to the water for their second chance at life about noon tomorrow!

David Adamski saw an adult female Bald eagle in the road in Mosinee tonight. It was unable to fly well. Dave was able to capture it, and call REGI for help. Our REGI transporter, Jeff Konopacky, delivered the eagle to Raptor Education Group, Inc, tonight. Thanks to Dave and Jeff for their help. The eagle had food in her crop, and was behaving oddly. Blood tests revealed she has lead poisoning however not in the huge levels we often see. We will continue more tests in the morning.

A 2 year old Bald Eagle that was unable to leave a farm field was rescued by Dave Kutt of Antigo. The eagle was covered in waste products of unknown origin. He has some abrasions on his wings and has feather damage. He has had several extensive baths to wash him of the waste. Our fall interns all had experience washing him. He is eating on his own and was put in an outdoor flight today. Thanks to Dave for rescuing the eagle and transporting him to REGI for care.

An adult male Bald eagle was rescued by State of WI DNR Warden Ben Mott at Castle Park in Waushara County. The rescue was harrowing which had Warden Mott getting wet as he secured the injured eagle! Plainfield EMT Dan Miller, transported the eagle to REGI with Mason Miller and Taylor Zaiaya. The eagle has a wing fracture and is emaciated. Thanks to Warden Mott and Dan Miller for helping this handsome male get the care he needs.

A young Osprey was found on a road way. The Osprey was delivered to the Humane Society in Stevens Point and transported to REGI by David and Judy Marshall. He has a soft tissue wing injury. Our working diagnosis is he may have hit a power-line. Our thanks to everyone involved in his rescue and to David and Judy for the transport.

A flicker was found in a roadway. He was transported to REGI late last evening by Shauna Frances and Linda Koerten. He has internal and a wing injury. Many thanks to Shauna and Linda for their late night transport.

The construction on our outdoor mews continued this week. So great to have such terrific volunteers, Greg Toon, Bill and Jill Trachte, Susan Ferguson, Katie Cyr you all rock! I look forward to having our peregrines enjoying the mews this weekend! One more complex to go so if we have volunteers willing to pound a few nails give a call or drop an email to Terri

Monday we start clearing the area for our new clinic! We are so excited! We would be elated for some volunteer help on Monday and Tuesday and beyond and our project begins!

Have a super weekend everyone!