Pesticide Poisoned Eagle Update!

Update (August 26th) on 2.5 yr old Bald Eagle #659 Admitted to Raptor Education Group, Inc. with Pesticide Poisoning

It is hard to believe that this video, is the same eagle ( #659) admitted a few days ago, 8-23-18, with poisoning from a neurotoxin, typical of an organophosphate pesticide and used in the area where the eagle was found. The video taken on his admission is on this page on that date. 
The eagle continues to have some nurological symptoms such as confusion,(hallucinations) mild seizures and some balance issues however, we are encouraged at his progress. He is no longer in danger of drowning on his own secretions, which is just one of several of the signature symptoms of organophosphate poisoning that affected this patient. We will continue to keep a close watch on him. This type of poisoning affects the brain, therefore we may see symptoms for 30 days or more however, effects can be permanent.

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and positive thoughts for our this bald eagle patient and for the several other critical patients we admitted the same night. We are grateful to say the young Canada goose with fishing line entanglement is improving and started to eat on her own, both Common loons admitted with starvation are improving and eating copious amounts of minnows, the young Northern cardinal and Hairy woodpecker that were attacked by dogs are improving, the netting entangled Great-horned owl is also improving as is the the Red-tailed Hawk and the Northern Harrier.