Patient Updates

Friday was long night but we made it through. The eagle and I are both standing! Thank you every one for your kind words and positive energy pouring from you into this sweet patient. He is not out of the woods yet, but we are making progress. 
Several difficult cases arrived within hours of each other last night. Thank you to Sharlee Simkins rescuing and transporting this young goose from Stevens Point that was wrapped tight in fishing line not only around her leg and foot but also her beak and horribly around the base of her tongue, nearly amputating it. Without Sharlee's quick action before she arrived at REGI, our goose patient would have a different story. She is recovering.
A tiny Goldfinch also transported by Mark O'Shasky is doing well. 
Another poisoning case from Wausau, a young American robin in having seizures similar to the eagle. He is in critical condition this morning. 
Our adult loons are both eating well this morning.
Now for some coffee!!