Bird Adventure Camp


Another fantastic year of Bird Adventure Camp is in the books. Thank you to all of the parents that allowed their child to come and spend a fun filled week with us! Here is a glimpse of what we did the last half of the week:

(Day 1) BIRDOLOGY: Children learned about raptor adapations and how birds are are able to survive in different habitats.

(Day 2) DUCKS, GEESE, AND SWANS, OH MY!: Children learned about why waterfowl are waterproof and a little about how migration works and why it's important to many birds.

(Day 3) WINGED WONDERS: Campers learned about raptors with special emphasis on owls by learning all of the different features they have- facial disks, ear tufts, eyes, how far they can turn their heads and camouflage. 
(Day 4) KEEP CALM & CARRION: Campers learned all about the wonderful world of turkey vultures and other scavengers by exploring all of the amazing adaptations that these birds have. They also learned about the importance of enrichment in a captive setting.
(Day 5) CONSERVATION FRIDAY: Campers learned many different ways in which they themselves can help the birds around them. Special emphasis was learning about peregrine falcons and bald eagles. Campers brainstormed ways they can help out at home and around their communities. They then put their knowledge to work as they created some of their own conservation projects to bring home.