Peregrine Falcon Chick Back Home

Our full of spunk, Peregrine Falcon chick named Phoenix, and hatched at the Weston Power Plant, went home today to her very excited parents. It was a joy to see the little lady focus on her protective parents diving above us as we took her from the travel container and returned her to the nest box. Thank you to Kelly and Dave at the WPS Weston Power Plant crew for helping us get the chick back to her family. 
The falcon chicks at the award winning, environmental friendly, Weston Power Plant are famous birds. Our little patient grew up as a "nest cam star" before the eyes of an adoring public. Her name was chosen during the "Name the Chick" contest. Local schools submit names and the winners not only get to name one of the birds, but their class also gets a free program on falcons at their school. You can follow the nest cam by going to the WPS site during breeding season.…/falcons.aspx

The young falcon was admitted June 17th after being blown from her nestbox in a dramatic fall, during a storm. WPS employee Todd Steffen saw the accident and rescued the injured chick. 
Deniale and Matthew Steffan transported young Phoenix to REGI late that night. Nine days later she had recovered, gained weight and was ready to get on with her life. Her parents were waiting for her to come home as well. They could not have been more excited as they welcomed Phoenix home by swooping, diving and calling out. We hope the rest of her life is less eventful than her second month.

I will include photos of the peregrine chicks in the WPS nest box when they were wee ones, when they were banded by Peregrine researcher, Greg Septon, the night the Phoenix was admitted to REGI, as well as her recovery and release.
I will attach an interesting article on Peregrine Falcon vision in the first comment section. Notice the eyes of this magnificent bird in our photos.