Wilson’s Snipe Chick Undergoes Rehabilitation

A few days ago, Raptor Education Group, Inc. (REGI) admitted a tiny patient. The Wilson's Snipe is not uncommon in the U.S., but rarely seen due to their secretive nature and wetland habitat. Chicks are covered with cryptic colored black,brown and white streaked down and blend into the environment around them. 
Snipes are related to Woodcocks. They have the same flexible beak that allows them to probe the soil to locate worms, insects, and larva which make up most of their diet. 
Our little snipe patient was rescued when an alert family stopped on the road after they noticed a bird that had been hit by a vehicle. The adult snipe and three of her chicks were killed but one tiny chick was still alive. The family scooped the little one up and brought it to Raptor Education Group Inc. for care. We are grateful to them for finding help for the little survivor. Our patient is doing well. He is eating lots of insects, earthworms and invertebrates found in the natural duckweed we provide for him. 
This video was taken soon after he was admitted. He is growing fast and has already outgrown this inital enclosure.