The Common Loon has been released!!

The Common Loon has been released!! The loon was admitted 4-21-18 from a Richland Center retention pond. Please enjoy some photos from her capture and release. Thanks again to our terrific loon capture team, Kevin and Linda Grenzer, and a host of fabulous people that helped with this delicate operation including Barbara Duerksen, Steve Goering, John Kraak, Donna Schmitz, Debby Johnson, Jane Furchgott, and Kerri Kowing. Thanks to Arzelee Drown and Laura Toohey Place for releasing her and sharing photos of her happiness. Photo credit: Linda Grenzer, DebbyJohnson, Arzelle Drown and Laura Toohey Place.
You are all heroes that made a difference for this beautiful loon. So good to know she is on her way again.