Bald Eagle Admitted/ Summer Interns First Clinic Day

Our Summer Interns have arrived and after settling in had clinic orientation this morning. A Bald eagle arrived during the first five minutes. Starting things out with a bang! The Eagle does have an elevated blood lead level, but is also suffering an injury. He is resting now. This afternoon we will begin Ca EDTA injections for lead poisoning and additional examinations.

Our summer interns have joined us from around the country. Another, a vet student, will join us in mid June from the country of Columbia. It is so exciting to have enthusiastic young people join us to learn with us for the summer. Our interns are the wildlife professionals, zoologist, ecologists, professors, research biologists and veterinarians of the not so distant future. We are proud to play a role in their future success.

Interns are:
Brittanie Loftin /senior at Louisiana Tech University. 
Rafael Renteria/ senior Texas A&M University
Johanna Alpert/ senior William Jewell College, Liberty MO
Addison Swenson/ senior University of WI/Stevens Point
Regina Lobner/ University of WI/Stevens Point
Laura Marcela Sánchez Quimbayo/Estudiante de Medicina Veterinaria, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

On the Interns first day, within the first minutes, a Bald eagle was admitted. Their second patient was a tiny Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Such is the way of life here at Raptor Education Group, Inc. (REGI) Our patients, no matter if they are big or small all receive the same attention and care. The interns also observed the testing of the eagles blood on our lead analyzer.

A busy morning indeed! We are on our way to a great summer! Our intern house,"The Nest" was donated by Wausau Homes in 2014. We are so grateful. Thank you Wausau Homes.