New admits!

Wednesday was another busy day at REGI. We just admitted an adult male osprey from Shawano, WI. He was hit by vehicle. Thank you to the State of WI DNR Warden that rescued him from the roadway and Carl and Pat Loving for transporting him to REGI tonight. Also recently admitted was a Bald Eagle from the La Crosse area that was hit by a vehicle. Thank you to Kathy Kasakaitas of Coulee Region Humane Society for doing his initial care and John Molski for transporting him to REGI. A White-throated Sparrow, Hermit Thrush and Ruffed Grouse and two Barred Owls were all also hit by vehicles. A Baltimore Oriole was admitted with breathing difficulties after he was covered in grape jelly. ( use small dishes of jelly please), Two Ovenbirds and Mourning Dove were admitted with pesticide poisoning. A Downy Woodpecker was attacked by a cat and then attacked again by a second cat, .He is seriously injured, but is very lucky to be alive. Please folks consider keeping your cats indoors for wildlife and for your kitties health and welfare too.

We have very sad news to report. The little Tundra Swan with very high levels of lead poisoning has lost her fight for life. These cases are hard for us that work with the birds, as I know they are for our followers. We are grateful for your compassion for this little one. I wish love could have saved her. Lead poisoning is a horrible thing and can be prevented. Unfortunately, we will have many more cases of lead poisoning in swans and other species until changes are made and even beyond as lead is a heavy metal and is pervasive in the environment. RIP sweet girl.