End of April Patient Updates!

It is going to be a great day! We have lots of good news and many release happening today!

First of all, the Tundra Swan with lead poisoning from last night gave me the best "good morning" possible! Her head is up and she hissed at me when I checked on her!! She still has a very long way to go and remains very critical, but she is alive and aware of her surroundings.

Our Meadowlark, the first bird admitted to REGI in 2018 is being released today! We are elated to see this lovely bird leave us and go back to the wild after a harrowing winter rescue.

Eleven (11) American Robins from the spring snow event, will be released today! We will be weighing them before release but they have been eating well and can continue their migration.

The Great-horned Owl found by Lauren Radtke and admitted suffering from starvation on 3-18-18, is being released tonight. He was such a sick guy coming in. It will be great to see him go home to Tomahawk tonight.

We admitted twelve Barred Owls in a 10 days period during the spring snow event. Unfortunately, We did loose a few however most are now out of critical care. Some are transitioning to ll outdoor flights. All of our patients are special but one male Barred Owl had a lovely family involved in his rescue. He admitted 4-21-18, is being released from critical care today. He weighed only 490 grams on intake. That is a mighty skinny owl. His condition on admission was such that he did not have a good prognosis. Our thanks to the Dave and Bette Arends family for finding him and transporting him to REGI. I will share his intake photos today as well as a photo I took of him this morning. He arrived when we were overwhelmed with patients. I was not able to share those photos before.

A lovely Screech Owl was admitted from Shawano in March. He was recovered and transported by Benny and Cheri Bowman and their beautiful family. He is also being released this evening.

The Common loon from Richland Center is doing well. She is gaining weight and eating tons of minnows. She tested negative for lead and has no injuries. We are waiting for our lakes to open up so she can be released. Thank you again Kevin and Linda Grenzer and the entire "village" that helped in her rescue. She owes her life to your quick action.

The Osprey from McDill Pond is in an outdoor exercise area and is expected to be released soon! She had a wing injury as well as a low body weight when captured. Our thanks to the great folks at McDill Pond, Dennis Dino Tlachac and for getting her help and Pam for transporting her in harrowing weather conditions.

Lots of good news helps ease the stress of the past month of critical patients, feedings that went into the night and sadly some losses. Something else that helped so much was the response we experienced from our followers. We were able to care for many birds of many species at REGI, but each of you saved many more though your actions at home. I know I speak for the entire REGI Team when we say we are so grateful. It reminds me of the saying. "I wondered why someone didn't do something and then i realized I AM SOMEONE! " Indeed you are all important someones and you proved that. WOW!