Update of our robins!

Ten of the robins from the weather event have improved enough to move into a larger box this morning and start eating whole food! They remain in a heated environment, and are given supplemental emaciation diet, but only twice a day now rather than every 2 hrs. PROGRESS! Their favorite foods at the moment are live waxworms, (Thank you Jada Baits) and redworms or trout worms. They are eating some scrambled egg and blueberries as well. Nightcrawlers will be added to their diet soon. If you have access to or grow live redworms, trout worms or crawlers, we sure could use some. You can call or just drop them off. We would be so appreciative. Thank you in advance.

People have asked how they can help beyond feeding the birds. I have some ideas that will help immensely and do not involve a trip to the store.

1. A dear friend wrote us the other day concerning robins being hit by vehicles. The birds were on or near the roadway. The black asphalt absorbs heat which allows the birds to warm themselves. The birds are in a weakened condition and cannot respond quickly when a vehicle approaches. Sadly, many of the birds admitted to REGI that have been hit by vehicles, while still thin, were in better shape than many found in yards. Please be aware and slow down. Try to avoid birds in the roadway. Robins and many birds are moving in flocks now so are easy to notice a group of birds, before you are upon them.

2. Keep your domestic dogs and cats indoors. Weakened birds are easy victims of a playful dog giving chase or a cat. It expends energy/calories to take flight when avoiding dogs or cats. They simply do not have energy to waste.

3. Remove snow from areas to allow the birds access to bare soil or grass areas. Once they can access bare ground they can find natural tiny invertebrates or insects.

Our sun is shining today! While we still have deep snow banks, there are spots where soil is visible. We are encouraged that spring might truly be on the way.