First Loon Admission of the Season

1:00 p.m. 4-21-18 our first loon of the year was admitted from Richland Center, WI. The loon was trapped on a retention pond, with no fish for a few weeks. She is thin and lethargic. We will do blood work in the morning. For now she is fed and safe.
Loons run along the surface of water into the wind to get airborne. They need several hundred meters to take off from the surface of a body of water. Loons legs are positioned in a way that is perfect for life in the water, diving and swimming,but not for standing or walking. Once they accidentally land on land or a small body of water they are unable to leave and die without intervention.
We are gratetful to our terrific loon capture team, Kevin and Linda Grenzer, and a host of fabulous people that helped this delicate operation including Barbara Duerksen, Steve Goering, John Kraak, Donna Schmitz, Debby Johnson, Jane Furchgott, and Kerri Kowing,
Thank you everyone.