Where to Purchase Copper Ammunition

For those of you that requested a listing of where to find full copper ammunition, here is a quick partial list. You can ask your local sporting goods shop to order it in if they do not carry it regularly. To be clear, we are not talking about copper jacket bullets with lead cores, as they too fragment. Full copper bullets are required, because they do not fragment.

This is a post about copper ammunition used in hunting. I appreciate that some of our supporters may not approve of hunting, fishing or trapping. The permits that allow us to do our rehabilitation and education work, are issued through U.S.F.W.S./Dept. of the Interior and the State of Wisconsin. There are the same agencies that issue permits for hunting, falconry and trapping activities. Therefore, we do not make anti-hunting statements. Please understand our position and respect our parameters. Yesterday, some very aggressive and derogatory statements were made towards youngsters involved in rescuing the Keshena bald eagle. No matter what your personal beliefs, we do not ever agree with hate filled statements to others on our site. Your post will be removed and you will be banned. This site is about the rehabilitation of wildlife. It is not an animals rights site, nor it is a hunting site. We appreciate your understanding and respecting our permits.

California lead the country in banning lead ammunition, therefore the price of copper bullets has gone down as has availability. If dealers want to sell their products to hunters in the State of CA, they must make copper bullets readily available and for a lower cost than previously.
We can expect the cost and availability to continue to go down as demand grows.

My opinion is a ban should not be needed. What is needed is intelligent hunters to voluntarily stop using lead ammunition, understand the benefits of copper ammunition and use that to replace lead. What is needed, is hunters that want to make certain the wild game they harvest for their family does not include any highly toxic material that can permanently affect the health of their family.

People cite copper as being more expensive than lead. In fact is more expensive, however it is by a few dollars not the unstated fear provoking tales of mega expense that will make a hunter go broke. The fact is, hunting and fishing are expensive. Everything from guns and other equipment to hunting clothing, gas to make the trip and a week off work to go hunting is expensive. The question is; how much is it worth to keep your children and the environment safe. Lead affects women and children the most due to the size of the individual. Child brain development is affected. Lead can cause a permanently lower I.Q., learning disabilities and aggression just to name a few and that isn't even discussing heart, liver and other issues. What is your child's future worth? From my perspective even if you feel you are able to clean you harvested game in such a way that you feel no lead fragment are included, I cannot imagine anyone taking a chance when new and better non-toxic products are available.

We no longer have lead in our paint, gas or other aspects of our life. Why is it tolerated and even justified in our harvested meat/food supply?