Male Barred Owl Admitted

Phil and Ashley Henle of Wausau along with their family, found a male Barred Owl in the middle of the road and transported him to REGI. He has been hit by a vehicle. The owl sustained a wing fracture and head injury but is resting comfortably tonight thanks to this family that took fast action to safe him. 

We are always happy when people go out of their way to help wildlife but this patient had extra special help from the Henle children. We love seeing the results of REGI education programs at Wausau Outdoor School. In this case, two of the Henle children, Nicholas and Emma, had seen the programs and knew exactly what to do for the owl and where to tell their parents to call and bring him. We are so proud to be a part of this wonderful and successful Wausau School District program! 

The family was able to stay and observe the owls admission exam and ask lots of questions about owls. 
Thank you Phil and Ashley for dropping everything, rescuing and transporting the owl and letting the children participate and be part of the experience. We are excited to see what their future holds. You are raising some impressive young people.