Adult Bald eagle with lead poisoning

It has been another exhausting day at REGI.

We admitted another adult Bald eagle with lead poisoning tonight. Our thanks to Cheri and Benny Bowman for rescuing the eagle from Shawano and transporting it to REGI. He has respiratory distress as well as seizures. He is under treatment at this time. His condition is critical.

Another Bald Eagle rescue was attempted late this afternoon however, rescuers ran out of daylight. They will try again in the morning.

A Pileated Woodpecker near Shawano and a Dark-eyed Junco near Merrill both hit windows and have head injuries. Thanks to John and Vicki Kuester for rescuing and transporting the junco to REGI.

We have new photos taken today of the Keshena Bald Eagle with lead poisoning admitted though Menominee Conservation. She is improving but continues to have breathing issues. We are hopeful.