MIracle on the Ice

Loon Rescued in the "Miracle on the Ice" Event is Improving

I have a great video to share today of the loon rescued from Lake Nokomis near Tomahawk by Kevin and Linda Grenzer. They called her rescue "The Miracle on Ice rescue."

This beautiful lady loon was seconds away from certain death when she was rescued. Our thanks to the great folks that called for help and to our super loon rescue team! She is a happy lady now, gaining weight and starting to preen which is an indication she is regaining both her mental and physiological health.

In the video you hear me say that we give the loon only a few minnows at a time. By way of explanation, she was very thin coming in and in fact is still being tube fed highly nutritious liquid food. Too much whole food without the liquid supplement could be fatal for her. It takes calories to digest calories. Birds that are in a negative caloric balance have to go through a process of "re-feeding" until they can are stable enough to eat fully on their own.

Our thanks to R. J. Hilgers and Sons Inc. for their donations of minnows to support our now two loon patients as well as so many in the past.