Loons Getting "iced In"

Our third "frozen in" loon rescue of the season, and second today, is currently underway by Kevin and Linda Grenzer with their hovercraft and specialized equipment. Please keep them and the loons in your thoughts. 
The second loon arrived 2 hrs ago. She was totally iced in on Lake Nokomis. No open water at 1000 feet from shore on very thin ice. They raced over with the hovercraft as predators were in attendance. The loon is at REGI at this time being evaluated. It is a very thin adult, not totally in winter plumage. It is anemic and malnourished, likely lead poisoning. 
Loon #1 has an internal infection and is under treatment. She is eating, but also being tube fed. 
More information when we have it. This frigid weather has closed out lakes. Call us if you have a loon freezing in. 715-623-4015