New Admissions and Clinic Updates

We have been quiet on Facebook this past month. We have had plenty of patients, but the flu has been relentless and has made its rounds with staff. We were able to keep doing the important work with our patients, but unable to take the time to share it. We are finally back on our feet.

One sad thing, we admitted five bald eagles since we updated and while some were hit by vehicles, all had lead poisoning. Another immature eagle was admitted on Nov, 10 from Plainfield, she also has lead poisoning as well as a wing injury. Our thanks to Clark County Deputy Anderson, DNR Biologist, and John Molski and Tim Bassett for transporting her to us. Two turkey vultures were also admitted with lead poisoning. Tim and his wife also transported a female Merlin with a wing injury that is nearing release at this time.

The cygnet Trumpeter Swan admitted from WI Rapids area on Oct. 13th, also had lead poisoning. She has undergone 4 rounds of treatment with CA EDTA injections thus far and this morning, began another. Repeat x-rays reveal that lead fragments and a pellet remain in her digestive system.

I am including photos of the handsome White Pelican that was transported by Steve and Evie Fisher from Ashland and then, when he was determined to be non-releasable to the wild, Steve and Evie transported him to the curator of the Bramble Park Zoo in South Dakota where he joined another White Pelican that had recently lost her mate. What began as a sad story ended up with love in South Dakota at a lovely zoo that is so happy to have made the connection with our patient.

We had many releases with several more to come. It is wonderful to see our former patients take their place in the wild once again. A handsome male Ruffed Grouse was released by our fall interns just before they departed to return to school. Several Great-horned Owls and Barred Owls were released as well as Red tailed hawks and other patients. I will update when I can.

Meanwhile our new clinic is underway. The progress has been slow as they weather has not been cooperative. BUT the walls are going up!

Thanks for your patience everyone. Our fall interns have left us as this time. They were sent off with great affection to begin their lives as wildlife professionals. We have begun our winter hours which at 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.