Grace (the turkey) Update!

We've had many questions regarding the progress of the horribly abused domestic turkey, Don and I rescued. She is a domestic turkey and therefore was not admitted to REGI for care, but rather is under our care personally. We've named her Grace. She is living up to that name.

The happy news is Grace is doing well. There have been many rocky times during the past 7 weeks, but we are grateful that she seems to have turned the corner to better health. Grace lives in our home with us now. No more squalor for her. Grace enjoys love and attention, good food, comfortable living conditions and lots of hugs and cuddles which she relishes. She has a great appetite and is gaining weight on what was the skeletal frame of her admission. Graces medical condition, including her serious foot injury is improving daily. The damage done to her foot was significant. Grace is molting in new feathers now. We see clear signs of a gorgeous girl now, after suffering damage to her skin and previous feathers. We are grateful to Dr. Sarah Lautzenhiser, Antigo Veterinary Clinic, for her help and support with Graces complicated medical case.

To recap her case... in early September, we received a call from a sheriffs department about a turkey, we assumed a wild turkey, that "could not walk". When she arrived, the sight was horrific. For those that want to read her entire story, it was posted on this page on October 4, 2018. Today, I will just share the happy photos of her recovery, the positive side of her life. She is remarkable, intelligent, affectionate and trusting. She is Grace! Thank you everyone that has asked about her. We are touched by our wonderful followers and their compassion for this sweet girl.