Keep Hummingbird Feeders UP Please!

In Northern and North-Central WI this might seem a strange request given our recent snowstorm, however we admitted a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird a few days ago from Deerbook, WI. She is in surprisingly good condition because the homeowners kept their feeders out, clean and full. Bringing the feeders in at night is helpful as well so the nectar does not freeze.

It is not true that by leaving feeders up longer will prevent their migration however you can save the life of late migrators by offering a needed food source.

We are grateful to them and to the many other residents of our region that have called us for hummingbird help. We have had calls from and hear the hummingbirds are recently still in Wausau, WI, Minneapolis, MN,Hayward, WI, Wilson, MI, Portage, WI, to name a few.

As a reminder...

Keep your feeder clean. Rinse well so assure no residue remains in the feeder or feeding tubes. Bottle brushes and tiny brushes for the drinking tubes are available at Wild Birds Unlimited as well as other retailers.

Make your own nectar is easy and best for the hummingbirds. 
1 c. of water to 1/4 c of granulated white sugar. Heat to boiling,cool and put it in a clean well rinsed hummingbird feeder.

We have a few days coming up that will reach 50 degrees F. so the little ones should be able to make it if they have adequate fresh source of nectar or food. 
If you find a hummingbird that is injured and needs help please call your local wildlife rehabilitation center or REGI at 715-623-4015.

One of our recent hummingbird patients is on her way down to a more southerly location today with REGI Board Member and super volunteer Steve Fisher and Evie Fisher. She will be released this afternoon at a location with lots of hummingbird feeders. She is a lucky little lady to have hit a window, a situation that brought her into rehabilitation and consequently got her migration help.…/hummingbirds-survive-in-sn…/