Eagle Updates!

The immature Bald Eagle from Wautoma, that arrived 10 days ago suffering from starving, is now out in the rearing chamber with the foster parents. She has made good improvement. We are delighted. She was so dehydrated and fragile the first week, we were not sure she was going to survive. The great news is she did and is improving daily. We do not know what caused her decline in the wild to the point of being critically ill. She has a long way to go, but seeing improvement is encouraging.

The immature Bald Eagle from Lake Geneva through Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital is doing well. She arrived weighing in a 2.32 Kgs ( just a shade over 5 lbs) and now weighs a much healthier 4.26 Kgs. ( 9+lbs) It is great to see her change from a very quiet young female to a more boisterous one. She is interacting well with the other young eagles in the rearing chamber with the foster parents.

The immature Bald Eagle from Pickerel, WI is also improving and is housed with the same group of youngsters and foster parents in the rearing chamber. He weighed in at only 2.71 kgs and now is 3.41 kgs. He has a gentle demeanor. This young eagle waits his turn for food, unlike the others that share the space. He may have had a dominant sibling in the nest. Each bird is different.

We continue to see a great deal of cases of starvation in owls and hawks. Whatever the cause of the birds declining condition is as yet unknown. It could be a result of a virus or illness common to several species including Great-horned Owls and Red tailed Hawks and Broad winged Hawks. Parasites can be a contributing factor in health issue however that appears not to be the issue. We continue to treat the symptoms and provide supportive care and tube feeding sometimes for weeks at a time, until the patients can finally digest whole food.

We admitted just a Great-horned Owl yesterday from Merrill, WI. She fits the pattern of starvation that we are seeing. The adult owls remains in critical condition.

A Ruby-throated Hummingbird was admitted from Stevens Point. She hit a window. Many of our resident hummingbirds have left our area for more southerly climates. It is a trip that will take them across the Gulf of Mexico for the winter. This little one needs to hurry and recover so she can make the trip.

Two Merlins (small falcon species) were released on Sunday. A female was a injured adult admitted in late July. She was delighted to see the open sky once again as she jetting into her future. A male Merlin was released at Mead Wildlife Area during a program our REGI Education Team presented. So great to see these beautiful falcons return to the life they were meant to live.

Two Mallard ducks were released this morning hear the Springbrook Trail area in Antigo, WI Both of these ducks had complicated medical issues. The female was admitted in early August. She has been hit by a car and was missing large areas of skin and feathers due to road rash. Her neck was particularly bare. She recovered well and fully. The male Mallard was even more complicated. He swallowed a fishing hook. Surprisingly, after a few days of some minor bleeding he showed no serious symptoms. His behavior and food intake was normal. An x-ray taken yesterday showed the hook was degrading within his proventriulus. The barb of the hook was no longer there. That is excellent news. Both ducks flew to their freedom as intern Theo released them. The were very happy to see the beautiful habitat they were released into and immediately began eating the copious duckweed. Happy ducks!

An immature female Coopers Hawk was admitted from Wausau. Thanks Steve and Evie Fisher for capturing and transporting her. She is a beautiful young bird. She was shot in the right shoulder. Her x-rays clearly shows a large lead slug in her body as well as shrapnel along the line the bullet took. She will not fly again. It is illegal by federal law to shoot hawks or any protected migratory bird.

We have several releases coming up on Friday. The Common Loon admitted a few weeks ago will be released, along with our American Bittern, A male Coopers Hawk, a Red phased Screech Owl and five (5) Eastern Phoebes. Stay tuned for specifics on their stories and release.