Over 100,000 Likes on Facebook!

WOW!! We just noticed that we have over 100,000 "likes" on our Facebook page. 100,145 LIKES to be exact. 

Thank you everyone for following our work and caring about wildlife, conservation and wildlife education. We so appreciate your support and interest. 

We are honored to work with some of the most amazing patients. Sharing them with you is important to us on many levels. Our patients are real. They are actual cases that most people would never see or have the opportunity to acknowledge. By sharing patient stories, we can provide a greater understanding of the many problems that face wildlife every day in important. It is important that everyone understands just how important YOU are to wildlife conservation as a whole and the wildlife around you. 

You may not be working alongside of us here at REGI, but you can and do make a difference for wild ones every single day. You may not be involved in a wildlife emergency, but in the choices you make in your own life; home, yard, property are vital to wildlife. We hope the information we provide and the conversations that take place on this page can help you make more informed decisions about myriad topics from pesticide use, tree trimming, fireworks use, thru keeping your domestic pets from being a hazard to young wildlife. These are all situations that you have a say in and affect the wild ones in our world every minute of every day. 

Thank you again for your interest and support. Let’s add more followers and increase the reach of our work. In doing so we can empower many more people to be a part of the solution to understanding wildlife and our part in their conservation.