Loon hit by boat

A young loon was admitted from Boot Lake near Townsend,WI. It has impact injury to the left side with air sacs ruptured. This is the type of injury we see with impact by a boat or jet ski. We hope we can save this tiny loon.

 Sadly, the area the chick comes from has become well known to us for jet ski activity involving young visitors to the area running down adult loons and their chicks. 
We have admitted several adults with injuries including a leg cut off or mutilated as well as the same injury in chicks. 

I am issuing a plea to parents and grandparents or camp counselors to PLEASE have a serious discussion with youngsters on the importance of respecting our native wildlife. Too often we hear the retort "Boys will be boys", that approach is not only wrong, but breeds irresponsible adults and is destructive not only to wildlife but every part of their life. 
Please pay attention to what young people are doing particularly in sensitive wild areas. Destroying our wildlife should not be a youthful experience.