Thank you Volm!

We are so excited! Privacy screening is going up on the new waterfowl compound. The compound was screened in the fall, but was severely damaged during spring storms. Our thanks to Volm Companies of our home town of Antigo, WI for donating the material.

It is important for wild birds, both our patients and resident education birds, to feel safe and protected while in captivity. Wild animals are very different than domestics. The instincts are fully intact in wild species even after years in captivity. Without the sense of security privacy screen provides, the birds stress level would be high and affect their longevity and quality of life.

We have a LOT of screening to do on our many compounds and hope to get this one finished today, but if you are in our area and have a few extra hours to give us a hand, please give a call and come on out, 715-623-4015

Thanks to volunteers Tracy and Jason Blattner, and Jayne Mullins and too staff Audrey and Erin. Tracy even brought lunch for everyone!