New Waterfowl Patients

It appears we had an icing event for waterfowl at migratory altitude on Monday night. Beginning early in the morning, calls for grounded waterfowl came in from Antigo, Leona, Tomahawk and throughout Marathon county. We've admitted Pied-billed Grebes, Redhead Duck, Red-necked Grebe. When the birds fly thought ice storms, they may become encased in ice. Once encased, the birds are unable to fly and crash to the ground. They may suffer internal injuries or leg fractures due to impact. Please give us a call at REGI if you encounter injured waterfowl. 

Our thanks to Antigo Police Officer Bruce Brown for rescuing the Red-necked Grebe, a State of WI endangered species, from a residential street, Steve Fisher for transporting two Pied-billed Grebes from Wausau and the US Forest Service personnel for transporting the Redhead. 
Our thanks too to Hilgers Baits for supplying our live minnow eating patients with fresh food. Without their help we not be able to keep these patients in enough food for their recovery.