Territorial Disputes between Bald Eagles

As our Bald Eagle population grows so too does dispute over the prime nesting territory that makes up much of Northern WI. Most of the time, bald eagle territorial arguments are an attempt to urge one adult to leave an area and move on. Sometimes, and increasingly in the past few years, serious fights occur that can result in injury or death to one of both eagles involved. It is why we are very careful where and when the birds are released.

Bald Eagle #29-17 was admitted last week with lead poisoning and is also recovering from injuries sustained in a territorial dispute. Her first few days at REGI were rocky. We were concerned she may not survive. She is a fighter however, and while still in serious condition she improves daily. Her lead level is coming down with CA EDTA injections. The internal bleeding seems to have stopped. She still has multiple serious injuries on her body and her face, but she is improving. 

Today we felt she was strong enough to tidy her up some. It is good to see her preening herself and using that injured beak. She is still being tube fed liquid food, but is also eating some on her own as well. She is very excited to eat on her own.