Red-tailed Hawk Release

It was an exciting morning for both staff and two of our Red-tailed Hawk patients at Raptor Education Group,Inc. (REGI). They were RELEASED! Please enjoy a few photos of the exit physicals and the pre-release process for both of these beautiful hawks as they begin the rest of their life.

Red-tailed Hawk 004-17
She was one of our first patients this year and is from Bowler, WI.
She was found head down in snow. She suffered from rodent poisoning. People sometimes do not understand that if a rodent eats rat or mouse poison, it takes them up to 2 weeks to die. During that time, they are still out and about. As their kidneys fail or they bleed internally, they are sick and move slower. This makes then an easy meal for raptors and other animals including domestic cats. Once the rodent is eaten, the raptor or other animal is also poisoned. 
Our beautiful hawk has been with us 2 1/2 months and is now 100% recovered now and ready to start life again.

Red-tailed Hawk 694-16
This handsome male was found in the late fall in Marathon City, WI. He was weak and very thin. He has done well in rehabilitation and is now in great weight, well conditioned, full of energy, and ready to take on the world.