Barred Owl Caught in Fence

An adult female Barred Owl was caught in a barbed wire fence in Coloma, WI. The barbed wire held her by both wings and chest. No one is sure how long the bird was caught in the fence. The owl was noticed by some kind folks. Rick and Richie Crook and their family went to work to extricate the owl. In the end, the fence had to be cut in order to save the owl. Dan Eger called for help and Kristen Kugel transported the patient to Raptor Education Group,Inc. 

The Barred Owl has open wounds under both winds and a puncture wound from the barbed wire in her chest. Her injuries have been washed and treated. She was given fluid and is resting safe and warm. 

We are grateful to everyone Kristen, Kerri, Dan and State of WI DNR Warden Ben Mott that helped rescue this beautiful owl.