Owl, Eagle, and Hawk Banding

Banding our patients before they are released is important. If the bird and/or band is found it can give an idea of how far they traveled, how long they live, and how successful our rehabilitation techniques are. Recently, federal bird bander Bruce Bacon stopped by to band our patients prior to their release. It is always a big day as lots of data is collected and recorded that aids in research and adds to the knowledge of the species. Photos are also taken to document color variations and molt patterns. 

The birds are weighed and measurements of the wing chord (measured from the wrist to the tip of the longest primary feather) and culmen (upper ridge of the beak) are taken. Culmen measurement can be used to determine gender in some species. When the birds are released the exact GPS location is recorded. 

If you find a bird with a federal band, please call it in to the number on the band. By reporting birds with bands you are helping the understanding of the species and doing you part for citizen science.